Smartxide 2 ENT Laser

Surgical CO2 Laser – Excellence In Microsurgery

The use of CO2 has considerably improved the performance of ENT microsurgery and is recognised as the gold standard for minimally-invasive ear, nose and throat applications.
DEKA, a world leader in the development of high tech laser systems, concentrated over thirty years of expertise into the technological excellence of SmartXide2.  The synergistic interaction of SmartXide2

  • CO2 RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, 
  • high precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical), 
  • micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology

HiScan Surgical is a double-galvanometer system patented by DEKA. It allows the robotic technology use in microsurgery. The laser beam focused by the zoom of the hybrid micromanipulator in spots of few microns is rapidly moved offering optimal scanning figures for cutting and ablation of tissues and minimum lateral thermal damage to tissues.  The user friendly interface allows for the selection of the ablation depth of each single scan (depth mode).

These are the technological innovations offered by the HiScan Surgical and Easyspot Hybrid that make them the most ergonomic and versatile systems on the market today:

  • EasyField System: Full control of the beam even inside a limited operating field, through gradual mechanical adjustment of the maximum working field.
  • EasyFocus System:  A single ring-nut with a mechanical lock of the focal point that enables swift and intuitive focusing and defocusing operations.
  • EasyPlug System: Simple connections and internal wiring optimise the design and functions of the equipment.
Key Features
  • Exclusive Pulsed Shape Design (PSD) Generates Optimal Laser Pulse
  • Precision Robotic Scanner And Micromanipulator Maximises Precision and Control
  • Optional Intergrated Diode Laser
  • Available in 60 And 80 Watts
  • ENT Microsurgery
  • General Surgery

Laryngeal microsurgery:

  • Cordectomies and Cordotomies
  • Polyps and laryngeal papillomas (including diffuse papillomatosis)
  • cordal nodules • Benign neoformations
  • Reinke’s oedema • Laryngocele
  • Hyperkeratosis laryngitis
  • Scar gangue • Granulomas
  • Congenital diaphragms
  • Leukoplachia, and erythroplasia
  • Primary laryngeal tumours
  • Surgery after unsuccessful radiotherapy
  • Paralysis in adduction of the vocal chords
  • Laryngotracheal stenosis
  • Laryngeal Amyloidosis.

In the middle ear surgery field, it is possible to perform stapedotomies and myringotomies.

In oral, pharyngeal, nasal, tracheobronchial and external surgery, SmartXide2 with its specific accessories is the perfect instrument for excision and ablation of tissues in the case of:

  • Leukoplachias
  • Erythroplasias
  • Papillomas
  • Haemangiomas
  • cancer surgery (e.g. glossectomy)
  • Zenker’s diverticulum
  • Choanal atresia
  • LAUP (Laser Assisted Uvulo Palatoplasty)
  • Tonsillotomy and tonsillectomy
  • Turbinate reduction
  • Septoplasty
  • Removal of nasal obstructions, polyps, synechiae
  • Rhinophyma
  • Cheloids and hypertrophic scars
  • Stenosis, Nodules, polyps, tumours of the Tracheobronchial tree
  • Resection of tumours in sub-facial and neck areas
  • Ablation of lesions of the skin and mucosa
  • Otoplasty.
Technical Data

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