Smartxide 2 Gynaecology

Surgical Laser For Gynaecological Applications

  • Optimal scanning figures for cutting and ablation of tissues.
  • CO2 RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology,
  • High precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical),
  • Micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology.
Key Features
  • Exclusive Pulsed Shape Design (PSD) Generates Optimal Laser Pulse
  • Precision Robotic Scanner And Micromanipulator Maximises Precision and Control
  • Optional Intergrated Diode Laser
  • Available in 60 And 80 Watts
Applications in Colposcopic Surgery:
• Cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal acuminate condylomas • Cysts and abscesses of Bartholin’s glands • Cysts of the mucosa • Various degrees of CIN up to invasive carcinomas or at the initial stages (IA1) • Pathologies of the fornix and cupola: VAIN, endometriosis, vaginal endometriosis, condylomatosis • VIN • Bowen’s disease, Queyrat’s erythroplasia, Bowenoid papulosis • Leukoplachia (vulvar dystrophy) • Polyps • Perivulvar and perianal fistulas • Endoanal pre-cancerosis.
Applications in Laparoscopic Surgery:
Vaporization, incision, excision, fotophotocoagulation of the soft tissues for treatment of:
• Endometriosis • Adhesions • Myomas and uterine broids • Ovarian broids.
The following operations:
• Salpingostomy • Fimbrioplasty • Fallopian tube microsurgery • Oophorectomy, ovariectomy • Ovarian drilling (for ovarian polycistosis) • Metroplasty • Ablation of uterosacral ligaments • Hysterectomy • Sacrocolpopexy, sacrocervicopexy, sacrouteropexy (for genital prolapse).
Technical Data